Scottish Biscuits

While we all wait to hear the news on Scotland’s independence I thought a few funny sayings and a biscuit recipe would be appropriate. Personally I’m all for Scotland being free and anyone disagreeing may just keep their mouth shut. Since this is my blog I’ll boot ye oot queeket thine a’ coo ina clop! And I mean that sincerely…laughing..

Ye’er aywis at the coo’s tail! Coo=Cow Translation: Hurry up! You’re always dragging your heels

Ye’er all bum and parsley! Means you’re all mouth and’re a blow hard

As to the biscuits make them my family we called them cat heads because they were in fact the size of a cat’s head..great for sopping up eggs at breakfast or gravy with fried wild turkey or venison at supper..appropriate at any meal and delicious! Recipe to follow and I hope Scotland will be celebrating her freedom in the days to come..


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