Miss Emily’s Corn Pone Fritters

Miss Emily showed up time to time in our kitchen in Bishop Georgia but nobody seemed to know she was there but me. She moved whisper quiet in long skirts and mixed up fried hush puppies and corn pone fritters. She pulled my foot out of a hole in the floorboard once and she put a warm compress on my ear when I was crying with an earache. I asked for her frequently but it was chalked up to my vivid imagination at play. Her basic recipe for corn pone was then dropped by small tablespoonfuls into hot lard and fried quick. Below is a picture of the muffins I make with her recipe. I can’t give it to you exactly because I don’t know it exactly..a lot of what we cook is by feel and taste. Fresh buttermilk and yellow cornmeal she called Indian Cornmeal and farm eggs together with salt sugar and some magic. I would give almost anything to see her in my kitchen tomorrow morning washing out the pot for coffee and telling me to go pull some hen’s eggs and a tail feather for luck.

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